Importing choqoK to KDE

Mehrdad Momeny mehrdad.momeny at
Mon Mar 23 09:12:35 GMT 2009

On Do shanbe 03 Farvardin 1388 09:36:14 Ian Monroe wrote:
> Are you sure extragear wouldn't be a better place?
> In the main KDE modules you lose control of when you want to release
> (on the plus side you don't have to do any tarball rolling and such
> yourself).
> So far choqok seems to be releasing fairly often. So only move into
> kdenetwork if you're OK with the ~6 month release cycle.
> Ian

Hmm, yes, maybe extragear is better place for it!

On Do shanbe 03 Farvardin 1388 09:36:14 John Tapsel wrote:
>I don't suppose it's possible to persuade you to change the name?
>Even Amarok changed their name away from amaroK. Users really don't
>like funny capitilization.
If capitalization is the problem, yes, we can write it Choqok, or ChoqoK or ...

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