[PATCH] Bug 172306: Cutting and then pasting to 2 different locations

rahman duran rahman.duran at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 23:30:56 GMT 2009

Nothing much to say. As requested in Bug 172306, I have change the cut-paste
behavior of urls. Now users cut files and paste them many times to different
locations. As the original urls don't exist after first paste, we update
clipboard with the new locations of the urls, so they can be pasted many

I used QList<KUrl> instead of KUrl::List as QMimeData()->setUrls() doesn't
accept KUrl::List as parameter.

If there is any issues please let me know. If its Ok to commit please let me
know  :-) so I can commit.

Best regards.

Rahman Duran

Software Engineer
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