Fullscreen interfaces

Stefan Majewsky majewsky at gmx.net
Mon Mar 16 18:13:35 GMT 2009

On Freitag 13 März 2009 19:17:00 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> * collapsible toolboxes, arranged in the corners
> 	* plasma has one
> 	* looks like pallepeli is getting one as well?
> 	* right now these are QAction based in the apps using them, perhaps that's
> good enough for these

What I currently have for Palapeli allows arbitrary widgets in the toolboxes 
(with an action-based interface provided by a subclass) for a specific reason: 
I have a minimap and a preview box which are docks in the normal interface, 
and should be in expandable toolboxes (perhaps even with the possibility to 
pin them, otherwise they would disappear when the mouse leaves).

Otherwise, the proposal looks good. 

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