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On Tuesday 10 March 2009, Stefan Majewsky wrote:
> I would like to have a collection of widgets for fullscreen interfaces in

first, on behalf of everyone who hijacked this thread on you to talk about 
other things, i'd like to apologize. it was rude, disrespectful and probably a 
bit discouraging.

so... full screen interfaces. let's try this again, shall we? =)

one approach would be to create a class, e.g. KFullScreenPresentation or 
something, that takes a main widget (setCentralWidget(QWidget *)?) and then 
provides access to standardized "chrome" as well do things like set a standard 
background colour (black, probably) for wherever the main widget (document) is 
not painting.

looking around at the various apps, i see that we will likely need:

* an optional progress indicator
	* okular has one for it's slides
	* the video players tend to include this in their control toolboxes

* collapsible toolboxes, arranged in the corners
	* plasma has one
	* looks like pallepeli is getting one as well?
	* right now these are QAction based in the apps using them, perhaps that's 
good enough for these

* control boxes, slide out of screen edges
	* gwenview shows a thumbnail flow
	* video players have stop/start/etc buttons

perhaps we could also offer control boxes that slide out when a corner toolbox 
button is pressed?

in any case, adding actions to a toolbox would be a no-brainer. being able to 
add random QWidgets would be similarly required.

so usage might look like:

KFullScreenPresentation *p = new KFullScreenPresentation();
p->addToolBoxTool(someWidget, "some toolbox identifier");
p->show(); // would take over screen, set the proper KPresentationNotification 
settings, etc

i suppose it would need to be able to define multiple toolboxes, where they 
would be on screen ... not sure if xmlgui integration would be of any use 

this should get one closer to a possible draft api, though. thoughts?

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