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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Mar 16 18:09:15 GMT 2009

On Saturday 14 March 2009, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> because as is, from a random non-plasma application's perspective, the
> lib is more or less "librandomstuff" with very little useful features

a "plasma application" is any app that uses libplasma. so yes, if you don't 
have a need for the things in libplasma, then it's not useful to you. but 
that's a tautology, isn't it?

apps that don't have a gui won't find anything useful in libkdeui. same thing.

libplasma provides virtually *all* of the functionality found in plasma, 
krunner and amarok's context view, so it's hardly random or unuseful in the 
overall picture. it's just not useful to, say, ksnapshot or akregator or 

> taste, kdeui is already on the edge

if your views are conservative in that nature, then yes, i'm sure you won't 
like libplasma. more realistically, apps that have common needs should share 
code. which is what libplasma does.

> a webkit dependency is beyond evil.

depending on things that we need is hardly evil.

what i'm wondering is what, exactly, you're trying to achieve with your 
comments here? if you could help me understand what you're trying to achieve, 
then maybe we can find some common ground in that direction. otherwise this is 
a waste of our time.

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