Summer of Code Proposal - Looking for a mentor

Chani chanika at
Fri Mar 13 22:04:36 GMT 2009

> git can do that just fine, afaik. it's used often when merging branches to
> get rid of "work in progress" type commits so they don't pollute the target
> branch.
> anyways, we will be using this approach in the plasma design studio tool
> for eliminate the save/reload related issues for people using it.

another advantage of this approach is that then you can save-to-disk without 
losing the last version the user "saved" - which would make it really easy to 
have vim-like never-ever-lose-any-work goodness. :)

I don't like to do real work in any text editor that can't guarantee I won't 
lose work if something makes it die unexpectedly (not counting filesystem 
corruption of course).

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