Fullscreen interfaces

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Mar 12 23:50:39 GMT 2009

A Dijous, 12 de març de 2009, Aaron J. Seigo va escriure:
> On Wednesday 11 March 2009, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > Is this another plasma everywhere attempt?
> i think it's a "make sensible use of good concepts everywhere" attempt ;P
> > Now serious, i don't think it makes sense using Plasma inside okular as
> > plasma theming is out of place there, in Okular we use real widgets not
> > plasma thingies.
> well, two things here ... first the widgets we use in Plasma that have
> QWidget analogs, such as push buttons, *are* QWidgets just on the canvas.
> you can even see them in the code being new'd and passed to the
> QGraphicsProxyWidget class.
> second, Plasma widgets support, as of 4.3, the ability to use the QStyle
> styling rather than the SVG styling.
> finally, however, i think that having a consistent look and feel for full
> screen presentations would simply Make Sense(tm) from a user's POV.

Nobody is discussing this.

> gwenview's is already rather similar from a visual feel perspective, and
> while the content area will obviously be highly application specific, the
> control chrome around that should sensibly be consistent.
> if we use libplasma for that or not is nearly besides the point, though
> libplasma has already been headed in the full screen support direction for
> some time and so makes a sort of "obvious first thought" candidate. we
> could just as easily put something in libkdeui for this. it may not be the
> least amount of code though.
> (as an aside, it's a little annoying when people consider libplasma as some
> sort of odd and useless duckling as opposed to something that was created
> with a very specific set of needs to fill. more and more of our
> applications will face those same needs. don't be surprised if people start
> seeing solutions in libplasma for this reason. still, i do agree that if
> libplasma is a hammer, not everything is a nail. ;)

Well, personally i've this stance against plasma because it seems a very 
agressive project to me (i am not saying it is, it is just my own and very 
personal feeling). It got a video player when we already have a video player 
in KDE, somebody suggested a mixer plasma thingy when we already have kmix, 
it's got a web browser when we already have a web browser in KDE, basically it 
seems like people want to code a "mini" KDE inside plasma with it's "window" 
management (obviously subpar compared to kwin) and all the apps.

And that's something i'm not sure i like.


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