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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu Mar 12 00:17:33 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 11 March 2009, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> Is this another plasma everywhere attempt?

i think it's a "make sensible use of good concepts everywhere" attempt ;P

> Now serious, i don't think it makes sense using Plasma inside okular as
> plasma theming is out of place there, in Okular we use real widgets not
> plasma thingies.

well, two things here ... first the widgets we use in Plasma that have QWidget 
analogs, such as push buttons, *are* QWidgets just on the canvas. you can even 
see them in the code being new'd and passed to the QGraphicsProxyWidget class. 

second, Plasma widgets support, as of 4.3, the ability to use the QStyle 
styling rather than the SVG styling.

finally, however, i think that having a consistent look and feel for full 
screen presentations would simply Make Sense(tm) from a user's POV. gwenview's 
is already rather similar from a visual feel perspective, and while the 
content area will obviously be highly application specific, the control chrome 
around that should sensibly be consistent.

if we use libplasma for that or not is nearly besides the point, though 
libplasma has already been headed in the full screen support direction for 
some time and so makes a sort of "obvious first thought" candidate. we could 
just as easily put something in libkdeui for this. it may not be the least 
amount of code though.

(as an aside, it's a little annoying when people consider libplasma as some 
sort of odd and useless duckling as opposed to something that was created with 
a very specific set of needs to fill. more and more of our applications will 
face those same needs. don't be surprised if people start seeing solutions in 
libplasma for this reason. still, i do agree that if libplasma is a hammer, 
not everything is a nail. ;)

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