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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Mar 11 21:56:27 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 11 March 2009, Kevin Ottens wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 March 2009 21:23:02 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > I find it quite unsettling that something which is supposed to be a
> > shared implementation across projects is so weirdly designed that it
> > basically enforces the use of a single implementation.
> Actually not, here's an extract from David Zeuthen's mail on the
> polkit-devel mailing list (announcing PolicyKit 0.90 pre-release):
> ---------------------------
>  - There's a GObject based library to access the PolicyKit daemon, see
>    http://people.freedesktop.org/~david/polkit-0.90/docs/
>    with both synchronous and asynchronous functions.
>    Desktop environments etc. that doesn't use GObject are encouraged to
>    write their own client libraries that fit better into their object
>    framework.
> ---------------------------
> So you're perfectly in line with him on that point.

Ah, good to know.
It really got me wondering because by now he should understand the 
implications of doing that kind of things and have the necessary experience 
to do it right.

Otherwise we would have to be very afraid about the upcoming device kit.


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