Moved polkit-qt to kdesupport

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Mon Mar 2 19:05:13 GMT 2009

In data lunedì 02 marzo 2009 19:39:23, Allen Winter ha scritto:
: > On Monday 02 March 2009 11:09:25 am Dario Freddi wrote:
> Should you add polkit-qt to the top-level kdesupport/CMakeLists.txt?
> Do you want polkit-qt's API doc to be available on under the
> kdesupport area? If so, it must be added to the toplevel
> kdesupport/CMakeLists.txt and it must also have a Mainpage.dox.

Thanks for the pointers, I'll prepare Mainpage.dox in a couple of days and add 
it to the top level CMake now


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