Move to kdereview: solid-actions-kcm

Ben Cooksley sourtooth at
Mon Mar 2 18:42:54 GMT 2009

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 8:38 PM, Kevin Ottens <ervin at> wrote:
> On Monday 2 March 2009 06:58:18 Ben Cooksley wrote:
>> If no one has any further comments or objections, I would like to move
>> this to KDE Base/Workspace in 24 hours time. Does the module
>> maintainer have any objections to this?
> AFAIK we still have no module coordinator for kdebase-workspace. But AFAIK you
> addressed all the issues raised here (didn't check but seen some of your
> commits). So in my opinion that's perfectly fine for you to move it to
> kdebase-workspace.
> I'd say move it to kdebase/workspace/solid. Once that's done we should
> probably discuss how to merge your new nice kcm with the old kcm which is in
> kdebase/workspace/solid/kcm. Something to set as a goal for 4.3 IMO.
Moved to kdebase/workspace/solid/solid-actions-kcm as of commit 934301
Could the docs team please move the Documentation please? I am unsure
where to move it to.

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