Moved polkit-qt to kdesupport

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Mon Mar 2 16:09:25 GMT 2009

Hello people,

as announced some time ago, I moved polkit-qt from PolicyKit-KDE's extragear 
tree to kdesupport. This is the first move to make PolicyKit-KDE ready to be 
moved into kdebase-workspace.

Polkit-qt does basically what polkit-gnome does: a convenience wrapper around 
QAction and QAbstractButton that lets you (developer) associate GUI items with 
policykit action, hiding from you the complex policykit API and letting you 
work with a nice, comfortable, Qt-like API.

The API doc is already ready, I didn't manage to give you an example 
application due to lack of time, since I'm busy with other KDE stuff at the 
moment. In any case, you can refer to Policykit-KDE, that makes intensive use 
of it.

Most of the work on this library was done by Daniel Nicoletti, just for the 

This lib is a required dependency on PolicyKit-KDE, that will be moved to 
trunk as soon as distribution packagers will pick up and package polkit-qt. I 
will release a tarball of it by the end of the week, just the time to let 
people spot eventual packaging bugs.



Dario Freddi
KDE Developer
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