Accelerators missing from dialogs in KDE 4.3

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Jun 29 12:36:29 BST 2009

On 29.06.09 12:19:18, David Faure wrote:
> On Friday 05 June 2009, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Apart from that this is actually not the purpose (and never has been) of
> > KAcceleratorManager - at least not in the way it used right now. The
> > purpose was to use this during development to easily find good
> > accelerator keys and then assign them in code/ui files. 
> Did coolo confirm that? Because it doesn't match what I remember from kde3
> times. I distinctly remember that the goal was to have it done automatically
> when no accels were specified by the app developer explicitely.

Well, that was what I gathered from the commits and source code, when it
was broken some time ago and fixed by Albert. There's a comment in the code
that activates the auto-assignment that suggests it wasn't meant to be used
during runtime, but during development to find good accelerators.

Can't find the commits easily at the moment and neither remember the code
file where the comment was.


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