Repositioning the KDE brand

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Thu Jun 25 15:49:05 BST 2009

On Wednesday 24 June 2009 09:50:48 Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> >> Wel, yes, it should. We're a community, not a project. But I wouldn't
> > IMO "project" includes the community ;-)
> Sure, it's not a horrible term. The problem with it is that
> 'officially' a project is a temporary thing with a very specific goal
> to be accomplished by a set amount of resources. That's not accurate
> for what we're doing...

I agree with Jos. As a person with a phd in project management, I never 
understood why we call KDE a project... we certainly don't want KDE to end at 
some point :)

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