removing Eigen from kdesupport?

Benoit Jacob jacob.benoit.1 at
Tue Jun 23 15:14:23 BST 2009

2009/6/21 Michael Pyne <mpyne at>:
> On Sunday 21 June 2009 13:11:05 Benoit Jacob wrote:
>> (reposting from kde-devel after suggestion that this belongs rather to
>> this list)
>> Hi,
>> As you may remember, Eigen development is no longer happening in kdesupport
>> [1].
>> KDE 4.3 was so far relying on the development version of Eigen, but
>> this is no longer the case: we just released the stable Eigen 2.0.3
>> which has all the improvements needed for KDE 4.3 (namely for
>> kdeedu/step).
>> So from now on, the recommended way to build KDE 4.3 (and KOffice)
>> should be to use Eigen 2.0.3. The version of Eigen that's left in
>> kdesupport should be removed (it is the state of the development
>> branch as it was when we moved).
>> My question is: do you want me to make these changes NOW ? (That
>> means, besides removing kdesupport/eigen2, updating all the CMakeLists
>> messages to point to Eigen 2.0.3 instead of kdesupport).
> I'd say make the changes now, as people who have been keeping up to date from
> kdesupport would presumably already have eigen installed.

I've updated FindEigen2.cmake and the CMakeLists everywhere to require
Eigen >= 2.0.3 and no longer point to kdesupport.

As requested by Tom on kde-devel, I leave eigen in kdesupport until
the branching of KDE 4.3.

The version in kdesupport is 2.0.51, so it passes the check >= 2.0.3,
it is possible to build KDE 4.3 with it, but still, the recommended
version to use for everybody is 2.0.3.

> People installing eigen for the first time should use the 2.0.3 release even
> if it's not packaged by the distro yet, no?

Yes, everybody should use 2.0.3.


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