Can we* prettyplease do something about the KUrlNavigator?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Jun 19 16:46:10 BST 2009

Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> ATM a 2 pixel thick vertical bar is shown when hovering the empty area.
> I suggest either making it look more like a "traditional caret": one
> pixel thick with small horizontal edgets at top and bottom or showing a
> frame border when hovering (see attached mockups).

I've yet to see a caret look like that :-). Most carets are bars, 1-px 
wide or sometimes 2-px, and then there are various "block" carets.

The cursor should change to an i-beam, however. IMO, in addition to the 
caret. I disagree that the caret should look like an i-beam.

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