Qt 4.6

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Thu Jun 11 08:03:02 BST 2009

Le Torsdag 11 juni 2009, Christoph Feck a écrit :
> Hi,
> just some points:
> * I think the problem should not be solved in <QMetaType> include file or
> elsewhere in Qt. When someone uses a #define (either directly, or via
> including X11 headers), then he should fix it. Since it probably will not
> be fixed upstream (xorg), we need to fix it ourself. Thanks to pinotree for
> pointing out that the problem is already known, and there is <fixx11h.h>
> for just this purpose.
> * If anyone wants to review the changes in trunk/KDE needed, I made a patch
> available on http://kde.pastebin.com/m21f7264f (for all those that do use
> Qt 4.6 from master, despite all recommendations to not use it :)

I think the changes are fine and that you should commit them.
It is a good practice to include fixx11h.h after X11 headers.

I'll see what we can do to fix this problem in Qt, but I think it will stay as 
it is.  The "source incompatibility" is easy to fix, and we ween to include 
this header in order to support the qreal type correctly in case of cross 

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