Qt 4.6

Christoph Feck christoph at maxiom.de
Wed Jun 10 23:11:48 BST 2009


just some points:

* I think the problem should not be solved in <QMetaType> include file or 
elsewhere in Qt. When someone uses a #define (either directly, or via 
including X11 headers), then he should fix it. Since it probably will not be 
fixed upstream (xorg), we need to fix it ourself. Thanks to pinotree for 
pointing out that the problem is already known, and there is <fixx11h.h> for 
just this purpose.

* If anyone wants to review the changes in trunk/KDE needed, I made a patch 
available on http://kde.pastebin.com/m21f7264f (for all those that do use Qt 
4.6 from master, despite all recommendations to not use it :)

* There are many more places in KDE where X11 headers are included, but the 
patch fixes all (and only those) occurrences of this "Bool defined" problem.

* I also compiled all of kdesupport, kdereview, koffice, and extragear, but 
there was no such problem. I did not compile playground, because of limited 

* I will not commit the changes, but wait until this problem vanishes, is 
discussed again, or I get an explicit "Ship it!" from someone authoritative.

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

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