Accelerators missing from dialogs in KDE 4.3

David Jarvie djarvie at
Fri Jun 5 19:18:44 BST 2009

I notice that dialogs in KDE 4.3 don't have accelerators inserted 
automatically any more in labels, checkboxes, etc. What has happened? This is 
a significant loss of functionality which only came to my attention due to a 
user filing a bug report today.

I tried adding KAcceleratorManager::manage(this); in a dialog constructor, but 
it made no difference.

If this is due to some deliberate change in kdelibs (or Qt), it really should 
have been publicised much more - I'm sure there will be lots of applications 
which will be hit by this, and missing accelerators will become a feature of 
KDE 4.3.

David Jarvie.
KAlarm author and maintainer.

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