[PATCH] New KCategorizedView and more changes (kdelibs and kdebase)

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Wed Jul 22 12:57:42 BST 2009

Hello Rafael,

> Hi all,
> Finally I have 5 minutes with Internet to type this message...

Welcome back, great to hear from you again :-)

> I have here a couple patches still unfinished. Still todo:
> * Fix some behavior issues on Dolphin related to Drag & Drop. I suspect
> that
> the Dolphin view could be buggy. I haven't reviewed it though, I would
> need
> to have a look.

I can have a look on this if you want. I've no problem if you commit your changes and we have temporary regressions in Dolphin, there is enough time until KDE 4.4 to fix it.

> * Adapt code at the very end to make everything binary compatible.
> Features and changes:
> * Add  a wrap mode to the KFileItemDelegate. This seems to have sense,
> since
> it can be used for very different purposes. An example is that it can be
> used in dolphin, where we can expect a "line break" in the middle of
> words,
> for the case that filenames that are actually _long_. On the other hand,
> we
> also use it on Systemsettings, where we don't want to break in the middle
> of
> words. Frederik (and the rest), do you think this is OK ?

I'm fine with this. Still what I'm generally missing is a wrap mode that also does a wrapping after the characters '.', ',', '!', '_'. A lot of users don't use spaces in filenames and it would be great if a filename would be wrapped this way:


instead of (like currently)


So maybe in addition to the setter/getter for the wrapping it might be useful to have a virtual protected wrapping method that can be customized if wanted?

> * Reconstruct KCategorizedView, with a "blocks" strategy that makes it
> easily to handle and far faster than the old implementation. Also, since
> it
> is unfinished, is not working right now, but it will be possible to expand
> and collapse categories if the developer wants so.

Great :-) The collapsing feature has been requested quite often already.

> * Revert last commit on IconMode.cpp on SystemSettings code, since it uses
> magic numbers, and we can expect its breakage under certain circumstances
> (e.g. very big font sizes, it will have the same width always). No
> hardcoded
> numbers !!
> * Nice looking systemsettings.
> * Nice looking dolphin.


> So I mainly ask for people to try it, and to give technical advice about
> the
> patch itself. As I say, it is still not finished, and is not BC yet.
> BTW, since this is an "old" patch, it can contain "@since" that are just
> outdated. Ignore them for now...

>From my point of view I think you should commit the patches as soon as you fixed the BC issues.

Best regards,

> Best regards and thanks,
> Rafael Fernández López.

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