RFC: Moving RSIBreak to KDEUtils?

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Mon Jul 20 23:26:38 BST 2009

Op Sunday 19 July 2009 20:01 schreef u:
> Hm. This is a move not described in the Application Life Cycle on Techbase, so 
> it is not possible. Just kidding ;) We might need to add a section about such 
> moves, then. I think all the conditions for moving into kdereview should be 
> satisfied/rechecked, besides one can skip the review phase in kdereview and 
> move directly.
> 	Manual in docbook format? Check.
> 	i18n? Check.
> 	Krazy reports? Hm, there are some issues*. So if you find some time...
> But I see nothing grave which should stop a move.
> * 
> http://englishbreakfastnetwork.org/krazy/reports/extragear/utils/rsibreak/index
> html

Fixed most of them.
We should add somehting to the Lifecycle page indeed. This is a good start.
> Limits on supported platforms haven't been a showstopper for being part of 
> kdeutils. Unless it is about the current main platform GNU/Linux, sure. Being 
> open for patches which painlessly enable support for more platforms is 
> expected, too.


> He. At least the module coordinator/managing community should agree, no? Cmp. 
> at least Techbase. Lucky you are, the coordinator agrees. :)

Of course. I knew I forgot something.
> If you are moving RSIBreak to kdeutils, please subscribe to the kdeutils 
> mailinglist** (also cc:ed), as it is the (low-volume) channel for module 
> coordination, thanks.


> So awaiting you in the hall of the brave kdeutils developers. If you need any 
> help in the move, do not hesitate to ask me (ping time up to one day).

Great, I will move it next sunday than. Just to wait for more comments. I can use help with the i18n move, but I'll talk to pino or albert about it.

Thanks for your positive reply!

KDE Developer

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