Comunicate about the crash reporting tool behaviour to the KDE4-application developers

Allen Winter winter at
Fri Jul 17 18:09:07 BST 2009

On Friday 17 July 2009 9:42:27 am Darío Andrés wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Since we introduced the new crash reporting assistant in KDE4.3 code,
> we have been receiving bug reports at about applications
> which were not supported in that tracker at all. This is because the
> developers were not setting the proper bugAddress() field of the
> KAboutData object of their applications, so, DrKonqi2 would send the
> bug reports to BKO.
> For every new application I have been contacting each developer to
> tell them about the new behaviour and the importance of setting that
> field; but I guess it is time to explain this behaviour globally, so I
> was thinking about:
> - Adding this information in the KAboutData apidox (I made some small
> text, I can send a patch)
> - Adding this information in the Techbase articles about creating new
> KDE applications (may be "First application" is not the proper place,
> I guess that people discovering the KDE api will not release their
> application to the world soon., or they won't care at all)
> - Send this email / the information about the change to some other
> massive ML or some other site where other developers of active KDE4
> apps will notice it.
> Do you think in any other way of doing this ? Anyway other way of
> contact every KDE4-app maintainer ?
The default bugAddress() is "submit at".
What should I be using instead for KOrganizer and Kontact?

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