Comunicate about the crash reporting tool behaviour to the KDE4-application developers

Darío Andrés andresbajotierra at
Fri Jul 17 14:42:27 BST 2009

Hi everyone!

Since we introduced the new crash reporting assistant in KDE4.3 code,
we have been receiving bug reports at about applications
which were not supported in that tracker at all. This is because the
developers were not setting the proper bugAddress() field of the
KAboutData object of their applications, so, DrKonqi2 would send the
bug reports to BKO.

For every new application I have been contacting each developer to
tell them about the new behaviour and the importance of setting that
field; but I guess it is time to explain this behaviour globally, so I
was thinking about:
- Adding this information in the KAboutData apidox (I made some small
text, I can send a patch)
- Adding this information in the Techbase articles about creating new
KDE applications (may be "First application" is not the proper place,
I guess that people discovering the KDE api will not release their
application to the world soon., or they won't care at all)
- Send this email / the information about the change to some other
massive ML or some other site where other developers of active KDE4
apps will notice it.

Do you think in any other way of doing this ? Anyway other way of
contact every KDE4-app maintainer ?

Thanks in advance
Dario Andres
KDE BugSquad, DrKonqi2 dev.

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