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Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at
Thu Jul 16 19:43:22 BST 2009

Moin moin

My SoC student Kashyap R Puranik is coding something for Kalzium
(kdeedu) which needs a unit conversion library [cf [1]]. The Boost-lib
is not enough (missing units) while the Plasma-lib in


was almost perfect. He only needed one missing feature which Kashyap
implemented. That was merged some days ago:

Now there is one problem left: We (kdeedu) don't want Kalzium to depend
on kdeplasma-addon. Furhtermore, the whole lib doesn't depend on
anything from Plasma, it doesn't even depend on QtGui, only uses low
level classes like QStringList or QString.

I don't think a unit conversion library belongs into kdelibs itself, but
kdepimlibs doesn't work either. But where could it go?

Let me quote Aaron [2]:

"they get moved somewhere common, though i don't know where this one
would go. 
it has kdelibs deps (so kde-support is out), i don't know if it really fits 
into kdeibs itself and it certainly doesn't in kdepimlibs ... we'll figure 
something out. we may end up creating a new module or just putting it into 
kdelibs; it does need to stick to an ABI at this point."


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