kdelibs/kdecore MAINTANERS files

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 15 21:58:38 BST 2009


I needed a brain-dead time filler, and inspired by Lydia's 'Unloved' clean-up 
and the need to add my own name I decided to take a look at the 
kdelibs/kdecore/MAINTAINERS file.  And boy was it out-of-date, it appears not 
to have been cleaned-up since 3.5?  I've basically deleted all the files 
listed and replaced them with a current file listing, then matched it back to 
the named maintainers for the old list.  See commit 997462 for the result.

It's a bit barren of maintainer names.  Of the 152 .cpp files now in 
kdelibs/kdecore, only 50 have a name next to them, but some I know are no 
longer active contributors, and some are apparently based only on copyright 

There's also a further 35 'orphan' files that had maintainers next to them in 
the old version, but the files are no longer in kdecore, either deleted or 
moved for KDE4.

Before I go any further, are the MAINTAINERS files even useful anymore?  
Should we still try maintain them, or just delete them?

If we keep them, I propose to:
1) e-mail currently listed maintainers to confirm they still wish to be
2) e-mail the most recent / biggest copyright holder to see if they are 
willing to be named
3) Put out a public call for people to update them
4) Do the same for kdeui and any other MAINTAINERs files

Or we could just put dfaure's name next to all of them :-)


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