Kill KIO (was: Repositioning the KDE brand)

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Wed Jul 15 18:04:30 BST 2009

Em Quarta-feira 15 Julho 2009, às 16:05:16, nf2 escreveu:
> On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 8:38 AM, Thiago Macieira<thiago at> wrote:
> > nf2 wrote:
> >>What kind of "platform" do you mean? A platform shared with other
> >> desktops?
> >
> > Yes.
> >
> >>Regarding the dependencies of GVFS you were talking about in an
> >>earlier mail: Which of those dependencies do you think would be
> >>problematic for KDE?
> >
> > The point is that there is no platform yet. I don't consider GVFS to be
> > part of such platform.
> Sure, but why?

It doesn't exist. Do I have to explain why it doesn't? My point here is that 
there was nothing to integrate with when KIO was written and there continues 
to be nothing to integrate with now, replacing the functionality.

> Which are the important arguments against choosing it as a platform
> technology? Is it dependencies, is it its technical design, the features,
> the quality or non technical reasons?

How would I know? It wasn't designed to be a replacement for KIO (as far as I 
know, KDE developers weren't invited to help the designing so that it would be 
a suitable replacement). That's a direct opposite of D-Bus, which was designed 
to replace DCOP, with input from KDE developers too.

I think you're the one best qualified to give the technical reasons why. And 
given your emails previously, it seemed to me that you don't believe it to be 
a replacement for KIO either. (you listed many things that KIO does and it 

I think there are many things we should fold back into fd.o with suitable 
"platform" implementations. And there are many things we have to have 
abstractions for in KDE, for the benefit of other systems. VFS may be one of 
them, but it's by far the most complex one that I can think of, so it's 
probably going to be the last one to go too.

Can we fix first global shortcuts, system tray icons, proxy configuration, etc.?

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