finding the unloved Pt. 2

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Wed Jul 15 10:31:27 BST 2009

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 11:20, koos vriezen<koos.vriezen at> wrote:
> Is this about a google spreadsheet I got in my mail?


> If so, what do you mean by 'Does this apply for all of your products?'
> I.e. where does 'this' refer too and how do I know which products I
> have.

The question refers to the one below. ie: Do you want to keep all your
products or maybe just some of them.
To find out which products you have you can send me the address that
is most likely listed as a default assignee for a product and I can
look it up in my list.

> And what do I tell if I choose 'Yes'? The question is 'Please answer
> the questions below to help me find out which products on
> are in need of a new default assignee'
> But there is no 'No'.

Yes there is no No on purpose. As the description says you are
supposed to choose "other" in that case and list the products the
answer for the next question applies to in the text field.

> Btw. some parts are in german

Probably Google trying to be clever about where you are from and
giving you a translated interface.

Lydia, who will try to make questions even more obvious/easy next time ;-)

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