ReviewBoard Upgrade & post-review

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Jul 14 20:40:30 BST 2009

Tom Albers wrote:
> Op Saturday 11 July 2009 01:55 schreef u:
>> Yay, it does! So... @all: may I please now add the appropriate svn 
>> property so --server isn't needed to modules that are using RB? :-) (I'd 
>> like to start with kdelibs, which is why I am CC'ing k-c-d.)
> Please do so. It is a simple svn property so I can't think of any harm in doing that.

Done now for kdelibs and kdebase. I'll do others as I have need. (Of 
course, anyone else is welcome to make the needed change as well, just 
'svn propset reviewboard:url' on the top of 
the module.)

>> p.s. if you haven't used post-review before, check it out[2], it's a 
>> great help. Personally, I can never get the base path right trying to 
>> upload diffs by hand ;-).
>> 2:
> Any chance you can do a small tutorial on techbase with a few of the most common actions?

Sure, though really there is nothing to it ;-). Where would be a good 
place to put it? Do we have a 'using Review Board' page already?

> Also I'm wondering about a post commit hook so you can use "REVIEW: 
> 232" as keyword in the commit log. But the scripts i've seen for it 
> require usernames and password in such a script. If you have any
> ideas about that, please create a sysadmin request so we can discuss
> it there...

That's a great idea, but outside my area of expertise. I suppose it 
would be safe enough to compare the committing user to the RB user 
using, say, a new field in accounts (since 'svn user == RB user' is not 
necessarily true), thus allowing that if you can commit as JohnDoe, you 
can close a review request owned by JohnDoe.


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