New error/warning messages from kglobalaccel, what to do?

Michael Jansen kde at
Sun Jul 12 22:38:28 BST 2009

You should do nothing but scold me for not correcting that stuff sooner. I 
committed a patch trying to fix that famous "keyboard stops working" bug. This 
went in with the patch. I expected Ungrab to return 0 when successful but it 
returns 1. So the line should just go.

I will do that NOW.


On Sunday 12 July 2009 23:10:22 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> before I report a bug against kwin or kdelibs, Michael can you explain
> what these warnings are meant to mean and what I should do with them?
> kglobalaccel(4184) KGlobalAccelImpl::x11Event: Got XKeyPress event
> kglobalaccel(4184) KGlobalAccelImpl::x11KeyPress: Ungrabbing the
> keyboard failed with status 1 !
> kglobalaccel(4184) GlobalShortcutsRegistry::keyPressed: "Alt+Tab" =
> "Walk Through Windows"
> I'm getting this always when hitting Alt+Tab the first time (i.e. only
> once when really walking through the list with following tabs)
> Andreas

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