[PATCH] Add support for JEDEC/metric standards to KLocale::formatByteSize

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Sun Jul 12 19:23:17 BST 2009

> So, I’d ask the KDE developer to *please* clean up this mess.
> Follow SI consistently. Preferably also use kibi and mebi units instead
> kilo and mega units (exceptions where decimal units are ‘standard’ is
> OK). 
> And if possible, please include comments with each string showing that
> you have done so (example: ‘Note: MiB = 1024 × 1024 bytes’, ‘Note: b =
> bit’, ‘Note: B = byte’, ’Note: kb/s = 1000 bits per second’), so we
> don’t have to double-check the source code to ensure the author got it
> right.
Personally i also am against introducing the non-sensical and outdated JEDEC standard and think my patch, which Michael also was referring to, provides the interface needed to suit the needs of users and translators. Please have a look at it over at http://reviewboard.kde.org/r/943/diff, still needs a first review before i am able to publish it...
Thiago, David, does this look sane? The test against current behaviour of formatByteSize is at the bottom...

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