Kill KIO (was: Repositioning the KDE brand)

Evgeny Egorochkin phreedom.stdin at
Sun Jul 12 14:14:34 BST 2009

On Sunday 12 July 2009 15:44:31 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> >On Friday 10 July 2009 16:31:50 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> >> KIO has existed for 9 years, its protocol has been stable. It's
> >> possible to integrate with it using D-Bus. If other applications don't
> >> integrate with it, it's because they don't want to.
> >
> >Is it documented somewhere how to integrate with kio via D-Bus?
> No, I don't think so. You need to ask klauncher to start a slave for you,
> then you communicate with that slave via standard QDataStream protocol.
> I tried adding D-Bus support for kioslaves before the KDE 4 release, but
> gave up because I wasn't seeing the point. The protocol isn't suitable for
> the communications we need (synchronous, blocking) and I also didn't see
> the value.
> It was making our lives harder for no real benefit. If there's real want
> for this, I can resurrect the project.
> But don't make me waste my time if no one is going to use this.

If there's no demand, it's not done. If it's not done, there's no demand ;)

To make KIO usable to non-kde apps, preferably it should be available as a 
separate package with less dependencies(eg no kdelibs). Also it really makes 
sense to discuss with with GIO people. Even if we don't share code, we might 
at least share some of our interfaces which would be a first step towards a 
shared(and useful) VFS.

Discussions with GIO people and analysis of what can/should be done indeed 
takes quite some effort and it appeared to me there was a person interested in 
doing this... but he's been silent for some time... maybe got scared of the 
actual complexity of the task or angry KDE developers? ;)

-- Evgeny

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