kdeutils/kcalc broken from recent kcfg changes

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jul 8 16:30:34 BST 2009

Pino Toscano wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> kcalc fails to build due to the additions of _helper methods, since the
>> code relies on variable declarations from previous settings.
>> Unfortunately, things are not as simple as just adding copies of the
>> declarations to each setting, since the code also appears in the ctor.
> Yes, I know about it.

Ah, great.

>> Is there a way to fix this without making many copies of the same
>> variable with different names?
> No(t yet).
> Given that adding accessors for the default value, as done originally in a 
> recent patch by Albert, can have two down-sides
> a) not being 100% sure <code> snippets are totally independent one from each 
> other
> b) avoid people getting "grown" generated cpp/h files for a feature they don't 
> use
> I propose, with Albert's approval, the following: explicitely adding in the 
> .kcfgc file the option DefaultValueGetters=true for eanbling it (default: 
> false). This way, nothing should change in the generated cpp/h files wrt KDE 
> 4.3, and only users of that would enable it.
> What do you (all) think about it?

As I understand, this sounds okay by me, though I'll add that, offhand, 
I don't know why they couldn't default=on if that's useful. There 
doesn't seem to be much breakage, it seems it would be okay to turn them 
off where they're a problem if they are otherwise useful for most cases.

> Although, given that akademy people had a crappy (at most) internet working 
> (so had difficulties in reaching him), and that after all trunk is open since 
> few days (and the breakage is there since not even half a week), what about 
> being a bit more patient, instead to "have to yell" at first? </friendly 
> ribbing>

Ah, didn't know akademy was mixed up in the troubles, thanks. As I was 
trying to say, that "yell" was meant as a "hey, this won't work, let's 
fix this"... friendly ribbing, not anger. Hopefully that was, or is now, 

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