KIdleTime moved to kdereview

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Tue Jul 7 02:28:31 BST 2009

A Dilluns 06 Juliol 2009 20:36:15, Dario Freddi va escriure:
> Hello list,
> I've just moved KIdleTime to kdereview. KIdleTime is a library that lets
> developers easily play with user idle time. It provides a nice API, that
> lets the developer retrieve the idle time of the system, but also being
> notified upon reaching certain idle times or when the system goes back from
> an idle state.
> The good:
>  - Uses XSync where possible and features intelligent polling for maximum
> efficiency and performance
>  - Multiplatform, already tested and working on Windows and Linux (both
> with XSS and XSync)
>  - Features an example that covers the core functionalities
> The bad:
>  - The mac code was copied/pasted from Kopete and needs testing.
> I'd like to move it to kdelibs. Many applications, such as RSIBreak,
> powerdevil, konversation and ktimetracker have already interest in using
> it. Hopefully Kopete & friends will switch to it as well.
> Also, there are no HAVE_X* macros in cmake, since I didn't want to
> reimplement the checks for a temporary location, and they're all set to 1.
> I will the #cmakedefines when KIdleTime will be in its final location.

Nice to see you working that fast!

Some small things i've found:
	* Any reason KIdleTime::idleTime is not const?
	* The widget/QTimer based poller seems a bit too resource intensive, do we 
really need it given all the other kind of pollers that seem to be available?
	* AbstractSystemPoller(QObject *parent) seems a bit not correct not passing 
the parent to the QWidget constructor.


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