[PATCH] Add option to use traditional binary units instead of kibibytes

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Thu Jul 2 01:23:30 BST 2009

This is forwarded from a discussion on kde-devel regarding binary units.

I would like to commit the attached patch to trunk by the end of this week, if 
there are no major issues.

Please please please do not email or flame about adding an option to use KB/MB 
instead of KiB/MiB without at least reading the kde-devel thread first.

Forwarded message follows
And since this has been bugging me since 4.0 came out, I finally decided to 
take time out to hack together a fix (attached).

With the patch, you should be able to add "HistoricalBinaryUnits=true" to your 
$KDEHOME/share/config/kdeglobals and applications which start up afterwards 
should use KB/MB/etc. instead of KiB/MiB/etc.

If there's interest I'll forward to kde-core-devel for evaluation as well.

 - Michael Pyne
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