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Stefan Majewsky majewsky at gmx.net
Wed Jul 1 21:47:54 BST 2009

Am Mittwoch 01 Juli 2009 22:34:41 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:
> I didn't put it in a blog comment, so just here a short remark: until
> maybe 2 years ago I was using konqy exclusively, since then I have to use
> firefox more and more, because the sites just don't work (some work again):
> google mail, zimbra, now even some blogs in planet kde, and the number is
> increasing

How exactly is the problem of website incompatibility tackled? Do the KHTML 
devs just curse through the bugs and work on whatever bugreport sounds 
feasible and elaborated, or do you tackle the problem systematically?

I'm asking because I think we could improve things dramatically if major sites 
worked better. Of course, it's not nice if a site of a little restaurant does 
not work, but it is a disaster if Digg or Slashdot does not work (and these 
indeed seem to be broken, according to comments on my blog). I could imagine 
some web-based database where defective sites can be voted up by those who 
want to use them, and bug reports can be linked to them to give the developer 
an overview of which bugs need fixing (by far not every user votes for bug 
reports), but I do not know whether this is what developers need. Perhaps the 
developers are already quite efficient, but just too less. RFC?

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