Making okular the default program for tiff files?

Jos van den Oever jvdoever at
Wed Dec 23 20:23:55 GMT 2009

2009/12/23 Stefan Majewsky <majewsky at>:
> Am Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009 09:49:16 schrieb Andras Mantia:
>>  TIFF is "interesting", it can be plain graphics where a graphic editing
>> app fits more for them, or it can be a multipage document (produced by
>> FAX applications), where Okular would be a better choice.
> I would in this case prefer an approach that files are opened in a viewer
> first, and the viewer offers a button to open the editor of choice. This could
> be extended where applicable.

Multipage TIFF files are generated also by software that comes with
scientific microscopes, they are called TIFF stacks there. These files
are either single images or movies. The use-case where you have
multiple pages you want to page through does not arise there. TIFF
stacks are used because they store the movies losslessly.


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