Polkit-qt, Polkit-qt-1 and polkit-kde new releases

Dario Freddi drf54321 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 13:48:13 GMT 2009

Hello people,

I just put out a new release of polkit-qt, and the first releases of polkit-
qt-1 and polkit-kde. Tarballs are here:


Trunk now opt-depends on these new versions of polkit-qt*. I apologize for the 
late move, but it was necessary, since polkit-qt-1 still did not have a proper 
release, and polkit-qt suffered from 2 major problems (version check depending 
on pkgconfig and a bug in QtDBus in Qt 4.6) that required a release and a 
dependency on the new version to be fixed.

Even if the move is not nice, it should assure a fairly smooth 
KDE+KAuth+Polkit/PolicyKit experience in SC 4.4RC1+.

For more details on what the heck polkit-qt and polkit-qt-1 are, what's the 
difference between them, and why you should be interested in one of them or 
both, please read my blog post trying to explain a bit the situation: 


Dario Freddi
KDE Developer
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