Freeze exemption for PA integration into Phonon

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Wed Dec 9 18:49:42 GMT 2009

Am Wednesday 09 December 2009 schrieb Michael Jansen:
> > So you
> > - compile Qt with -phonon
> > (i.e. don't touch the phonon settings and Qt will compile it) to have Qt
> > Phonon support (for later on)
> > - Then you compile phonon from/with kdesupport (to get a recent version)
> >  and have it replace the Qt variant by either
> >    ° redirecting the PREFIX or
> >    ° copy/symlink it by hand (maybe also run "sudo ldconfig")
> >
> > As long as kdesupport phonon is BC to Qt Phonon, everything works...
> I understand the solution. But which problem is solved in contrast to
> 1. compiling qt without phonon
> 2. compiling kdesupport/phonon

Qt (qmake, whatever) is aware that it has phonon support.

If you compile Qt w/o phonon you should not have phonon support in e.g. 
webkit. (Even if configure would detect it you'd have to install 
kdesupport/phonon before Qt - what's not possible)

If you're not interested in phonon support outside KDE apps (i.e. for plain Qt 
apps), there should however be no problem by compiling Qt w/o Phonon as cmake 
will (also later on) detect phonon and compile the app with it.

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