Review Request: Mouse wheel interaction with breadcrumb-style address bar

Chani chanika at
Tue Dec 8 22:16:35 GMT 2009

> > Also, I share Peter's thoughts about the "go-up" feature, because this
> > action is quite destructive and should not be activated so easily.
> I'm not sure I consider it "easy", horizontal scrolling seems hard to
> do by accident to me (you have to hold alt and then use the mouse
> wheel).  But at least making it so you have to be over one of the
> directories to do it is probably reasonable.

some touchpads have a horizonal scroll at the bottom. mine, in particular, has 
only a bit of paint indicating where the scrollbar is; I can't feel anything 
when my finger enters that area. I don't *think* I do accidental scrolling very 
much, but still... something that isn't easily undone isn't the greatest sort 
of thing to have as a hidden feature. :)

anyways, if I want to go up in a breadcrumb I can directly click the folder I 
want to go up to instead of trying to scroll the correct distance, so I don't 
think I'd use this feature :)

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