signalling suspend/resume events (deviceKit-power)

Anders Lund anders at
Tue Dec 8 13:55:42 GMT 2009


I would like to request a DBus signal notifying interrested parties about 
system suspend/hibernate/resume events.

The usage is applications updating their state based on timers, such as 
clocks, alarms and various desktop applets. In KDE, examples (apart from 
closks) are "Scripted Image" plasmoid and similar, Event List applets etc.

These applications typically use a timer to schedule the next update, and when 
the system is suspened and later resumed, the timers are wrong.

A notification would allow to correct the timers, and for desktop clocks to 
adjust immediately (otherwise there is up to a one minute delay).

Since I am not subscribed to this list, please CC me your answers.

Kind regards,

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