Nepomuk as hard dependency in future?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Dec 3 20:36:59 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 02 December 2009, Till Adam wrote:
> We (KDAB's KDE team) will be working to bring all of that infrastructure to
> Maemo and Windows CE, as part of our work on a mobile version of Akonadi.
> Of course we will strive to get as many of the dependencies as we can
> upstream into Maemo. I'm pretty sure that a lot of it is useful and
> desirable by other Maemo applications anyhow. This project will ramp up
> towards the end of this year and continue throughout 2010.
> This one project won't solve all problems with kdelibs being big in terms
> of RAM and all the various helper processes, with lots of external
> dependencies, etc., but at least I can tell you that some skilled and
> dedicated folks will be attacking this problem space full-time and head-on
> soon. :)

Ok, so no objections to making nepomuk a hard dependency for KDE 4.4 ?


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