Animated labels and progress bars in Oxygen considered harmful?

Robert Knight robertknight at
Wed Dec 2 16:56:54 GMT 2009

Hi Hugo,

> I don't agree with your point. In the situation you describe above, you would have animations that look
> better on Windows/Gnome/Mac Os than on KDE +With Oxygen+. You can switch style, fork style (e.g. Ozone).

You miss my point I think.  Applications might not work properly under
KDE with Oxygen (which is the default setup on many popular KDE
distributions) if Oxygen does overly unexpected things to widgets.
This might be a small visual glitch in the best case or an application
crash in the worst case - making it unusable.  In that case it will
'work better' on Windows etc. just by virtue of working at all.
Changing the style for a single application is not an easy thing to

> I'd think that people would switch style before switching OS. (In fact, some distributions do not even come with oxygen style as the default. E.g. mandriva).

Some technically savvy users might know how to change the style for a
particular application that is broken by it, in which case they are
still suffering because the application looks non-native.  Everyone
else will use a different program or more likely a web app which will
look and work the same on all platforms (or at least if it does fail,
will probably do so more gracefully)


2009/12/2 Aurélien Gâteau <agateau at>:
> Stefan Majewsky wrote:
>> Am Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009 09:43:57 schrieb Aurélien Gāteau:
>>> The widget is not changed behind
>>> the developer back.
>> I think the important point is not that this was changed behind the
>> developer's back, but that some app developers relied on undocumented
>> behavior. (After all, it was not documented that QLabel's text will update
>> without any animation.)
> Compare this with QAbstractButton:
> ----
> void QAbstractButton::animateClick ( int msec = 100 )   [slot]
> Performs an animated click: the button is pressed immediately, and released
> msec milliseconds later (the default is 100 ms).
> void QAbstractButton::click ()   [slot]
> Performs a click.
> ----
> Since I am used to Qt consistency, I expect setText(QString) to set text,
> not do graphical effects. I also expect setText(QString) to be quite
> lightweight.
> I would have expected the method to set the text with a smooth transition to
> be called animateSetText(QString, int msec = 100)
> Aurélien

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