kde-qt branches after 4.6.0 release

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Dec 1 17:05:57 GMT 2009

Em Terça-feira 01 Dezembro 2009, às 17:49:11, Thiago Macieira escreveu:
> I'm pretty sure I voiced concerns on a past thread on kde-core-devel.

> The branch switching is necessary in the workflow I created because I'm
> treating kde-qt branches as patch queues. Each time I create a new branch,
> I reapply all the previous patches from KDE, while local changes, like
> backports from Qt itself, are lost. We start anew.
> And this "starting anew" is something that the tool was not designed for.
> That's why it's slightly cumbersome for you.
> Like I said, we can change the workflow and just have one recommended
> "master" branch. But since there will be no periodic cleanup done on it, I
> will not maintain it and will ignore it when it comes to bug reports.

> > ohhhh. so the difference between the 4.5 and the 4.6 branches in kde-qt
> >  isn't fast-forward?
> No. Because of KDE patches.

However, I think I found a good idea in Johannes Sixt's email, after 
> You could create a branch latest-stable that merges 4.6-stable etc. such
> that the merge always takes the content of the merged-in branch. Then
> people need just track lastest-stable, and they will be fast-forwarded by
> the next git pull.

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