kde-qt branches after 4.6.0 release

Dmitry Suzdalev dimsuzkde at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 16:31:59 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 01 December 2009 18:41:09 Parker Coates wrote:
> Well to be fair, Thiago's been dealing with a lot of questions and
> complaints about kde-qt lately. I imagine it's getting to be a bit of
> headache for him. We also keep changing our minds about what we want
> kde-qt to be.
If we speak about original branches layout (for which Thiago was criticized) i 
can say the following:

Personally I don't understand how doing two commands from the beginning 
(checking out needed branch and pulling into it) instead of one is *that* 
complex. We're developers here after all, no? Is learning another set of 
commands (which Thiago shown back then) really so complicated?

I think the reason is mostly "I want it to be svn-like and I don't want to 
learn git" kind of thinking. I can understand it, but this has a flaw - you'll 
have to learn git (at least to extent needed to do above command) at some 
point (when we will switch), and you'll have to shift your mind set to a 
distributed VCS. I think it's better to do it sooner rather than later :)

Perhaps I should spoke back then, but somehow I got distracted by "screams" - 
"make it SVN like!" :P

I'm considering myself rather noobish with git, but somehow I learned to 
understand what checkout, fetch, merge and pull do. Maybe on a really basic 
level, but I can't say this was something hard to learn. So I encourage svn-
model lovers to start looking into git model ;)


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