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Nuno Pinheiro nuno at
Fri Aug 28 20:12:47 BST 2009

A Sexta, 28 de Agosto de 2009 19:47:33 Aaron J. Seigo vocĂȘ escreveu:
> On August 28, 2009, Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
> > OK it seams I start to understand what is going on, so for some reason,
> > nitrogen developer got mixed info from we (kde), in one end we (oxygen)
> > asked him to port nitrogen main options into oxygen he said it would be a
> > good idea, (we kinda need developers, so it was a win win situation). On
> > the other end Lucas talked to him an told him to commit nitrogen and work
> > directly on it, and so he did....
> obviously there's a lack of coordination here and some forgetting about us
> supposed to be working _together_ going on. probably because of some miss-
> communication and miss-steps in the past. but that's the past. let's move
> forward, get our communication act together and move forward. it's all
> fixable.

some more info about this, apparently Lukas only spoke to the guy 6 days a go 
so he the developer kinda took advantage of it to commit it to kdebase (my 
castle thing I guess).  
The relation between oxygen and Lukas Murray is great I truly think Lukas 
meant the best wile addressing this issue. And i should have bug the nitrogen 
developer more.

Oxygen coordinator  

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