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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Aug 27 21:43:42 BST 2009

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> nitrogen is a rather random slap-dash arrangement of things. wtf does "KDE 
> 4.2" mean for "Button Style"? this is what makes me most nervous about 
> nitrogen: yes, it is trying to improve on oxygen, but it's doing it like we're 
> back in KDE 3.1 and the name of the game is "lots of features and don't worry 
> about the results!".

The UI definitely needs work. Oh, and for button style, it should be 
"sunken" (<- "default"), "flush" (<- "KDE 4.2") and "raised" (as in KDE 
4.1)... I want my original buttons back :-).

Also, "flags" is not an acceptable name for that group box...

> * consider if things like a "drag handle" are needed or if that's just there 
> to satisfy someone's personal itch; or how about those stripes: do we _really_ 
> need them at this point or can Oxygen keep them for those who like them and we 
> can be done with them in Nitrogen? remembering that we _all_ pay for 
> additional configuration options due to config ui and code maintenance.

+1 to dropping stripes :-). +100 to dropping drag handle, it's *ugly*.

> the good things in Nitrogen? it has those Exceptions which should allow us to 
> tune it to work better with other applications. cool.

Exceptions was easily the feature that made me go "ooh, shiny". +1 that 
this is the best feature in Nitrogen.

> let's leave ultimatums out of it until we have an actual impasse.

 From past experience, I can tell you that won't take long. Various 
people have been trying to get Oxygen to accept just the non-blended 
title bars since before 4.0...

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