Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Wed Aug 19 23:28:26 BST 2009

Le Wednesday 19 August 2009, Pau Garcia i Quiles a écrit :

> OK, thanks.
> Now that we are talking about kde-qt.git, I have another question: is
> there an easy way (i. e. without diff'ing every branch) to get the
> patches kde-qt.git has applied? In qt-copy in svn we have the
> "patches" directory, which I used to apply to the commercial version
> of Qt at work. 
> Getting those patches from kde-qt.git it much more
> difficult, unless there is some way I don't know of.

Does this do what you want?:

(assuming your HEAD is the 4.5.2-patched branch (the default in kde-qt))

git log -p --no-merges v4.5.2...

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