device-automounter moved to kdereview

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at
Mon Aug 17 18:04:05 BST 2009

Am Montag, 17. August 2009 11:15:37 schrieb Kevin Ottens:
> On Monday 17 August 2009 10:26:40 Sven Burmeister wrote:
> > If you for example have your music or photos
> > on an external harddisk attached to your computer you have to mount it
> > before digikam or amarok can access the media. Nepomuk does als start to
> > scan for changed files right after KDE login, so if you are not quick
> > enough, it might consider the files gone.
> Well really in this case it's about fixing the apps which don't attempt to
> mount before they try to index the files, or browse them, etc. They've all
> the information at hand to know if some file is on a removable drive or not
> and should use it accordingly (in particular Nepomuk should probably not
> consider them gone but temporarily unavailable, then unavailable once the
> corresponding disk is plugged).

Ok, I'll file bugs against all those. Dolphin does it for example too, i.e. if 
you add a "place" that links to a folder on an external hdd which is attached 
but not mounted, it simply fails. Same for the open/save file dialogue.


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