device-automounter moved to kdereview

Martin T. Sandsmark sandsmark at
Mon Aug 17 01:45:37 BST 2009

On Sunday 16. August 2009 23:04:01 Sven Burmeister wrote:
> So I'd consider it harder for a newbie finding out why his device does not
> get automounted [...]

Don't mediums already get automounted when you access them (click in the file-
selector dialog, or in dolphin, etc.)? It does here, anywho, in KDE 4.3.0 on 

(What I really would like to see is some better feedback for when mediums 
really are mounted, and better feedback while unmounting (maybe showing a 
progressbar with data about how large the writeback buffer is, /proc/diskstats 

martin t. sandsmark

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