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Dawit A. adawit at
Sun Aug 16 13:49:33 BST 2009

If you currently visit a secure (SSL protected) website (e.g. and 
click on a link to a non ssl protected site in the page (e.g. "About Gmail" at 
the above site), you are presented with a warning that you are about to leave 
the secure site, ofcourse unless you have already clicked on the "Do not 
show..." checkbox in this dialog before. Anyhow, if you press the cancel 
button on this dialog, the request gets canceled by the ioslave but the 
application will never receive a finished or error signal. In Konqueror this 
means the K logo will spin and the stop button will be active indefinitely.

The attached patch addresses the above mishap by sending the correct error 
message just as it does when a connection attempt fails.
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